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Guided tours and programs

We offer themed tours for adults and educational programs for school classes of various ages. We would be happy to advise you about these and arrange dates in accordance with your wishes if you phone us on +492323 94628-0.

Public tours of the special exhibition take place every Sunday and on public holidays at 4 p.m. You only have to pay the entrance fee. Please register beforehand. Dates can be found in our events calendar.

In addition, we regularly offer live online guided tours via zoom on Fridays. In this way you can take a look at the special exhibition from a distance. Please register for these at our Online-Ticketshop.

Guided tours for groups and school classes

We offer themed tours focussing on different aspects for adults and educational programs for school classes of various ages. We would be happy to advise you about this and arrange dates in accordance with your wishes if you phone us on +492323 94628-0.

The prices depend on the duration of the respective program and are calculated on the basis of 30 EUR per hour. A 90-minute program thus costs 45 EUR and a 2-hour program costs 60 EUR. All prices are in addition to the museum admission, while there is free admission for school children up to 17 years of age!

You can of course visit our museum as a group without an accompanying program. To facilitate the organization for us at the museum, we would ask you to telephone in advance of your visit.


One stone on another

Have you ever tried to build a stone circle? A circle of stones with more stones on it? It's not as easy as you'd think! And it's even harder when the stones are ginormous! But at the end of the Stone Age, the people of southern England managed to do it! Even today many of the stones in this circle are still standing and prove what great builders were at work. You can see a copy of part of this stone circle in the “Stonehenge” exhibition. After we have had a really close look at this huge circle, each of you will have the chance to become a builder yourself!

Age group: preschoolers and grades 1 to 4
Duration: 90 minutes


Your circle in the stone circle

What were the people in the south of England thinking when they began over 4,000 years ago to set up stones as high as a house and each the weight of five elephants in a circle? In our region, too, huge constructions were built from large stones during this time. Why? Together we explore these works and try to find out what they are all about. And not only that: Together we will build a model of one of these places, in the same way an entire community would have been involved in the building work back then.

Age group: grades 5 to 7
Duration: 90 minutes


Do you know Stonehenge?

Everyone recognises it, even if not everyone knows exactly what its name is: Stonehenge, the famous stone circle in the south of England. What most of you probably don't know: The area around Stonehenge is just as important as the stone circle itself. You don't believe it? Then see for yourself at the special exhibition “Stonehenge”. Together we not only explore the replica of the inner circle, but also the surrounding landscape and say: Welcome to Stonehenge, Avebury and associated sites!

Age group: grades 8 to 10
Duration: 90 minutes


Stonehenge - the centre of prehistoric Europe

The tour of the exhibition with the same name as the most famous archaeological monument in Europe presents its history within its uniquely preserved prehistoric environment. It was part of a ritual landscape with a history going back thousands of years. We move through analogically and virtually reconstructed landscapes and thus embark on a journey through space and time. Highlights of English and Westphalian archaeological finds will be presented together with the latest research results on the history of the stone circle and the surrounding landscape.

Age Group: Grades 11 to 13 and adults
Duration: 90 minutes