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Lecture series by the friends’ association of the LWL-Museum for Archaeology on the current special exhibition, archaeological topics, the history of the region of Westphalia, and new archaeological discoveries. The lectures will take place online or in person. Please consult the individual announcements for details. Both in person and online lectures will be broadcasted live on our YouTube-channel. Attendance is free!

We kindly ask for your understanding that most lectures are held in German only. You can however find English language content on our YouTube-channel.

Modern Times Header with pocket watch (Bild: LWL-MAK)

Lecture program

Modern Archeology - not just in Westphalia-Lippe
Prof. Dr. Michael M. Rind, LWL-Archeology for Westphalia, Münster
Date: September 21st, 7pm

Far away from home... Archeological studies at Oflag VI A in Soest
Julia Ricken M.A., Stadtarchäologie Soest
Date: October 19th, 7pm

Stars in the Forest - Soldiers of the REd Army between war and peace 1945
Dr. Thomas Kersting M.A., BLDAM
Date: November 9th, 7pm

Enigma - Archeology, History and Technic
Corinna Mayer, Museum for Archeology Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig; Dr. Jann M. Witt, Deutscher Marinebund; Dr. Jochen Viehoff, Heinz Nixdorf Museums-Forum
Date: December 14th, 7pm

War crimes at Arnsberger Forest: an interdisciplinary research project about the murder of forced labourers at the end of WWII.
Prof. Dr. Michael Baales/Dr. Manuel Zeiler/Marcus Weidner, LWL-Archeology of Westphalia, Olpe
Date: January 11th, 7pm

Insights into objects - options for understanding in modern archeology
Prof. Dr. Claudia Theune, University of Vienna
Date: January 18th, 7pm